Know Your Cabinet Hinges

Apart from just serving the enhancement purposes in most homes, cabinet hinges also add strength, style and durability on any door. They are known to aid in the smooth functions of your cabinet doors, when opening and closing them. There are two main types of cabinet hinges, namely: wrap hinges- that are normally fastened at the front of the cabinet’s frame, and have a tendency of wrapping round the sides and back- and the concealed hinges (or the European hinge)- that are hardly visible once the cabinet door is closed.

Nonetheless, the hinges often come in fabulous finishes like polished brass, wrought iron; oil rubbed bronze, rustic bronze, weathered nickel, steel, aluminum and satin brass. In case you would like to install the hinges, start by measuring all the locations for the hinges on the cabinet doors. Then, position the hinges on the doors and mark points with a special pencil.

Thereafter, pin-point the positions for the mounting screws on the hinge locations by drilling small holes. Afterward, mark with a special pencil, the exact perimeter of the hinge leaf by placing the door firmly in place, and slightly over the cabinet’s frame. Once you are through with that, you can begin drilling the mounting screws into the frame.

If wanting to replace the cabinet hinges, make sure you first remove the cabinet doors, and the old hinges on it. With the aid of the combination square, mark positions for the new hinges together with their screw locations. Thereafter, fix together the new hinges and screws, attach the door to the frame, and pay close attention to any kind of overlapping that might occur.

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